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Welcome to the BCSF website

We support the Forest Stewardship Council, helping consumers to identify wood products which have been sourced from well managed forests.  <p><a href=""><img src="sites/all/themes/bzg/furniture/button_find_out_more.png" /></a> We support Ape Action Africa (AAA) in caring for more than 250 young primates, orphaned by the illegal bushmeat trade.  <p><a href=""><img src="sites/all/themes/bzg/furniture/button_find_out_more.png" /></a> BCSF's project is working to conserve remaining forest habitats and terrestrial biodiversity on the islands of Anjouan and Moheli. <p><a href=""><img src="sites/all/themes/bzg/furniture/button_find_out_more.png" /></a> We are working to protect the last remaining populations of two Critically Endangered lemur species. <p><a href=""><img src="sites/all/themes/bzg/furniture/button_find_out_more.png" /></a>
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Welcome to the BCSF website

BCSF applies specialist skills to investigate conservation problems and to guide and support communities in tackling their environmental issues.

We undertake original research to provide insights to guide conservation action and we raise awareness and support for this through our sister organisations; Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Wild Place Project

BCSF, an organisation of conservationists, scientists and community-engagement specialist, stands out in four essential ways, we:

  • focus on causes not symptoms
  • empower others to identify and alleviate issues that impact species and habitat conservation and sustainable development;
  • develop a body of knowledge from the projects we support and from the research we undertake;
  • engage actively with the public and scientific community, sharing knowledge, eliciting support and guiding behaviour change.

BCSF Global Projects

Lemur conservation on the Sahamalaza peninsula
Lemur conservation on the Sahamalaza peninsula