Forty years of zoo-based conservation - The evolving role of zoos in global species conservation

The Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation has selected ‘Forty years of zoo-based conservation: the evolving role of zoos in global species conservation’ as the topic for this year’s symposium. In the past four decades, zoos have evolved from focusing purely on maintaining captive populations, to more integrated contributions to the preservation of species in their native habitats.

The symposium will explore this evolution of the role of zoos, from the history of their involvement in captive breeding to their current and potential future contribution to global species conservation planning and implementation; in particular the roles of captive populations, cooperative breeding programmes, and the integration of ex situ and in situ conservation.

Speakers include:

Dr Miranda Stevenson OBE (Former Director, British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums)

Dr Lee Durrell (Honorary Director, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)

Dr Markus Gusset (Conservation Officer, World Association of Zoos & Aquariums)

Mike Hoffmann (Senior Scientific Officer, International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Dr Christoph Schwitzer (Head of Research, Bristol Conservation & Science Foundation)

In addition to other guests from worldwide zoological and conservation organisations.