Saving wildlife together - Conflict, co-existence and conservation

Our 7th Annual Bristol Zoological Society Symposium will explore ways to identify and understand the interface between the needs of people and conservation of species and habitats.

It will also examine approaches to reconcile potential conflict to ensure that conservation strategies are socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

Introduced by Neil Maddison, Head of Conservation Programmes

Neil joined Bristol Zoological Society in 1997 and he specialises on working with communities to develop sustainable solutions whilst taking pressure off natural resources, looking for practical ways to support disadvantaged people in their development. He is a Trustee of Ape Action Africa, an NGO working to address the commercial bushmeat trade in Africa and was previously a Trustee of the Hawk and Owl Trust. He is also currently a member of the Conservation Specialist Breeding Group and the Association of MBAs.

Speakers include:

Dr Jo Setchell

Reader in Anthropology, Durham University

Dr Setchell is a Primatologist who works closely with Environmental Anthropologists to address questions concerning human/wildlife interactions, waste collection services and biodiversity conservation.

Prof Catherine Hill

Professor of Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University

Professor Hill’s research focuses on people-wildlife interactions and the human dimensions of conservation i.e. ethnoecology and human-wildlife conflict in Uganda, Colombia, Kenya and Guinea Bisseau.

Jonny Keeling

Executive Producer, BBC Natural History Unit

Jonny has been at BBC’s Natural History Unit for 17 years and produced programmes as diverse as Planet Earth, Lost Land of the Tiger, Expedition Wolf and The Dark. He is now Executive Producer of Children’s Natural History.

Prof Stephen Emmott

Head of Computational Science, Microsoft Labs Cambridge

Professor Emmott and his team are developing new methods and software tools across a range of interdisciplinary research programmes to tackle fundamental problems in science in areas of societal importance.

Where: The Clifton Pavilion, Bristol Zoo Gardens, BS8 3HA

When: 11th February 2015,

9:45 am – 6.30 pm

Fees*: £75/person (£45/student)

*Includes entry to Bristol Zoo Gardens, coffee/tea breaks, buffet lunch& reception drinks/nibbles