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More about Animals, Zoos and Endangered Species

To find out more about which species are endangered check out the IUCN Red List and ARKive which is a media library of the world's endangered species.IUCN





 For a film clip about 'Zoos and conservation', click here.


Recycling in Bristol Zoo

To find out more on how zoos are working to be more sustainable, click here.

For information on the Bristol Zoo's environmental policy, click here




BBC logoThe nature section of the BBC website provides information about individual species, as well as environmental issues.


Student research


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If you are a student of higher or further education on a BSc, MSc, FdSc or similar course and would like to carry out a zoo research project or if you are interested in conducting a zoo-based (or field conservation based) Phd, please visit the Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation (BCSF) website. You can also download our Research for Conservation leaflet here, and our Research Proposal Form here.   


For more information about British zoos, visit the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums website.

BIAZAIf you doing research, click on the Research tab on the home page and you will be able to download a series of zoo research guidelines. If your request is part of a larger research project, the BIAZA Research Group can write a letter in support of your project if you submit your proposal to them.

Other useful pages on this website are: Resources (for information on Jobs and Careers) andLegislation, as well as Conservation, Breeding programmes and Zoo Campaigns.


Zoolex imageIf you have a specific request regarding the dimensions of a particular exhibit, or the exact requirements of an animal’s diet, we recommend that you visit the Zoo to undertake your own research.

There are a variety of animal talks you can attend and walk through exhibits where you'll have the chance to ask specific questions. (An entrance charge will apply.)

For examples of enclosure design in zoos around the world, visit the Zoolex website. 


For detailed animal factsheets on some of the animals at Bristol Zoo, click here. (N.B. Not every species has a factsheet.)

Orphan gorilla with its keeper at Ape Action Africa in CameroonFor more information on the in-situ conservation projects that Bristol Zoo supports, click here.

For a list of species, including those on breeding or monitored programmes kept at Bristol Zoodownload  a copy of the latest annual review.

For information on how many animals of each species are kept in zoos around the world visit the ISIS website.


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For Zoo Licensing, visit the Defra website. 



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For the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy 2009, visit the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.



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EAZA is the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. Go to the EAZA Activities page to find information about Collection Planning, Taxon Advisory Groups, European breeding programmes and Studbooks.




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Mammalian Species Index has PDFs about a large variety of mammal species, including a wealth of information on the species’ taxonomy, distribution, ecology and behaviour. logoZipcodeZoo has taxonomic information about most animal species and also lists resources for further reading for each of them.

If you cannot find the resources that you need on any of these pages, please contact your lecturer or course tutor. They will have access to additional resources that should include what you are looking for, such as your university or college library and online library resources.

Teachers notes

These topic-centred teacher notes are suitable for KS 1, 2 and 3 and provide ideas for you to use with your group before, during and after a Zoo visit.

PDFs below:

Download: African Experience

Download: Adaptation

Download: Classification

Download: Colour and Pattern

Download: Conservation

Download: Food and Feeding

Download: Habitats

Download: Minibeasts

Download: Polar Experience

Download: Rainforest 

Download: Water