United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a rich variety of wildlife; Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation are working in local partnerships to support UK regional and national native species initiatives. In addition, we also undertake important research to understand the factors affecting loss of other wildlife species, such as change in land use or introduction of competitive non-native species.

Current projects

We have been working to save native species for many years and are currently supporting five projects:

The Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project, a partnership for the management, monitoring and raising awareness of a site of international conservation importance.

Silky wave moth project, monitoring this rare species in the Avon Gorge, the only area in which they exist in England.

Crayfish in Crisis, a South West Crayfish Partnership project conserving endangered native crayfish through field conservation, captive breeding, research and education. Sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

‘Hop to it’, a partnership and community project, protecting toads while they cross our roads on their annual migration to their breeding ponds.

Flowering for Life, a partnership project working to improve habitat and reintroduce rare plant species on the Somerset Levels, through field conservation, captive propagation, research and education.