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We are working with the Asian Turtle Network to safeguard several species that are close to extinction. Species such as the Indo-Chinese box-turtle and the Vietnamese keeled turtle are estimated to be limited to a few hundred individuals.

The situation facing many species of Asian chelonian is that of imminent extinction. Owing to the belief that their shells have benefits in traditional Chinese medicine, and a huge demand for the animals for use in domestic cooking, the tortoises, turtles and terrapins are illegally poached throughout SE Asia, with little or no effective protection.

To the finders of valuable species the rewards can be enormous, far more than alternative, ‘legal’ ways of making a living, so the number of people looking for such animals has increased several-fold in recent times. With limited effective protection, there are few hiding places for animals with a high price on their heads.

BCSF Vietnam project

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Information sheet on our Vietnam project
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